Will I Be Able To Have A Comprehensive Dental Implant Procedure?

Have one or more missing teeth that need to be replaced? Are there additional procedures that need to be taken care of before dental implants can be successfully placed? A comprehensive dental implant procedure in Baton Rouge, LA could be the perfect solution to give patients the smile they need and deserve. Here is what […]

What Makes Me A Candidate For A Dental Implant Procedure?

An image of an older woman sitting in a dental chair after a dental implant procedure.

When people have missing teeth, their jawbone tissue can get reabsorbed due to a lack of nutrients, blood flow, and stimulation. A great treatment to rebuild bone is bone grafting. Bone grafting can make people who have low jawbone density candidates for dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA. Dental implants can not only improve a […]

Following A Tooth Extraction, What Should I Do?

An image of a tooth extraction taking place with dental tool grabbing a tooth.

While it is always the goal of a skilled doctor to save and restore a patient’s natural teeth, there are times when that may not be possible. When teeth are decayed or diseased due to cavities or other reasons, it must be extracted to preserve the persons oral and overall health. Following a tooth extraction, […]

If You Are Edentulous In Baton Rouge, LA, Full Mouth Dental Implants Could Restore Your Smile

a full mouth dental implant patient being treated.

When people are fully edentulous in Baton Rouge, LA, and want to permanently replace those teeth, then they should consider getting treated with full mouth dental implants. Full mouth dental implants are a great option to restore the beauty, health, and function of people’s edentulous smiles. Without full mouth dental implants, the areas of the […]

How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced By Dental Implants?

An image of an older man sitting in a dentist chair and smiling.

Having an amazing, full set of teeth that are healthy, bright, and straight, with little to no imperfections, is the type of smile that most people would want to have. A beautiful smile impacts a person’s overall appearance, self-confidence, and even their overall health. However, when people have a smile that is chipped, damaged, or […]

Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Able To Restore The Look And Function Of My Smile?

a full mouth dental implant patient and an implant dentist after a procedure.

When a full arch of missing teeth is negatively affecting the look and function of a patients smile, then full mouth dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA could be the perfect tooth replacement option for them. By restoring their missing teeth with full mouth dental implants, patients are able to resume a normal diet, talk […]

After Getting Dental Implants, How Can I Take Care Of Them?

a full mouth dental implant patient smiling with a toothbrush.

Dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA can be very beneficial to patients, making them a preferable tooth replacement option over traditional dentures. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that can give patients a natural looking new smile. They also do not require any special maintenance and can be cleaned just like natural teeth. […]

Are Dental Implants In Baton Rouge, LA Able To Restore My Smile?

a dental implant post being surgically placed in a patients gums during their restorative dental implant procedure.

Dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA are a great way to restore dental health and achieve a natural-looking smile. Unlike traditional denture treatments, dental implants involve the placement of small titanium dental implant posts into the patients jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots. The dental implants provide stability for dental prostheses such as crowns, […]

Is It Possible For Me To Get Customized Dental Implant Treatments?

a custom dental implant model being customized by a dental professional.

When people are struggling with damaged, misshapen, or missing teeth, dental implants can be a phenomenal option to restore their smile and tooth function, improving the quality of their life and overall look. When people go to an experienced doctor, they can get dental implants made specifically for their smile with customized dental implants in […]

Am I Able To Have A Full Arch Of Missing Or Damaged Teeth Replaced?

a full mouth dental implant model with dental crowns and a dental bridge.

When people have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth, it can affect their dental functionality and the confidence in their smile. Luckily, full mouth dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA can improve the look, function, and health of a patients smile. With full mouth dental implants, patients will be able to chew, speak, […]