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Emergency Dentist in Baton Rouge, LA

At Pearl Dental Group, we offer emergency dental care in Baton Rouge, LA for many problems, including painful toothaches; knocked out, dislodged, abscessed, cracked or chipped teeth; painful tooth root infections or dry sockets. If you are in pain and require an emergency dentist near you in Baton Rouge, LA, our office will see you NOW! We have early and evening appointments and all new patients receive FREE exam and X-rays.  Most dental insurances accepted.  Call us at (225) 277-3311 for your emergency dental appointment in Baton Rouge, LA.  

If you are in pain and require an emergency dentist in Baton Rouge, LA, our team will see you NOW! For FREE!

Do I Need Emergency Dentistry? Contact Us If…

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Knocked out tooth in Baton Rouge, LA? Traumatic dental injuries involving either direct or indirect impact can result in a knocked out tooth. A knocked out tooth that has been partially or completely dislodged requires immediate attention. It’s important to handle the tooth gently, rinse it quickly in cold water and avoid touching the root surface. If you can’t put the tooth back in the socket, placing it in milk at room temperature can preserve cell viability for up to six hours. The chance of successful replantation depends to a large degree on the length of time the tooth has been out of the socket and how it was stored. If the tooth is replaced in the socket by one of our dentists within the proper timeframe and held secure with a splint, it’s possible to save it. 

If your tooth has been knocked out in Baton Rouge, LA.  An Emergency Dentist at Pearl Dental Group can see you Now to replace and stabilize your tooth.  Saturday and Evening appointments available.  Call us at (225) 256-1163 to make an appointment.  

  When a tooth is luxated, that means it’s dislocated or dislodged from its normal position. During an injury, the tooth can get pushed forward, backward or sideways, partially out of or into the socket. Treatment for a dislodged tooth in Baton Rouge, LA involves a Pearl Dental Group dentist repositioning and stabilizing it. Splinting is only recommended for teeth that are still mobile after repositioning. Dislodged permanent teeth usually require root canal treatment.  Call us at (225) 277-3311 to schedule your emergency dental visit.

When a toothache strikes, this can be debilitating, but being aware of warning signs and seeking prompt treatment can help prevent pain from worsening. Typically, warning signs include discomfort when biting down, sensitivity to heat or cold and irritation when brushing or flossing. A toothache accompanied by swelling or fever often indicates a dental infection, which requires quick attention. If pain is caused by a fractured tooth, sometimes this can’t be repaired and the tooth needs to be extracted. If you have a severe toothache in Baton Rouge, LA, an emergency dentist at Pearl Dental Group is available to see you now to alleviate your pain and get you feeling better.  Free Exam and X- rays for new patients! Call us at (225) 277-3311 to make an emergency dental appointment.  

A tooth abscess is a buildup of infected material (pus) in the center of a tooth caused by a bacterial infection. Small openings in tooth enamel caused by decay or trauma allow bacteria to enter and infect dental pulp. An infection due to an injury, cavity or previous dental work can cause an abscess to form at the base of the tooth root. At Pearl Dental Group, we have extensive experience treating dental abscesses in Baton Rouge, LA with emergency root canal treatment or extraction.  If you’re in pain we promise to see you now at one of our 2 baton rouge locations.  Call (225) 256-1163 to schedule.  

Symptoms of a cracked tooth include pain when chewing or biting; sensitivity to heat, cold or sugary drinks and food; intermittent pain and swollen gums around the affected tooth. If you experience these symptoms and think you have a cracked tooth in Baton Rouge, LA, it’s important to seek treatment quickly before the problem gets worse.  Pearl Dental Group dentists can treat cracks that extend into the pulp with a root canal, but cracks that extend below the gum line require extraction.  If you are having a dental emergency from a cracked tooth in Baton Rouge, LA.  Contact Pearl Dental Group at (225) 277-3311 and we will see you immediately.  

Chipped tooth in Baton Rouge, LA.?  Composite bonding is an effective and fast option to repair chips in molars.  The procedure involves a Pearl Dental Group dentist placing tooth-colored resin on top of your chipped tooth, shaping it and then using a special UV light to harden it.  Smoothing and polishing brings back the shape and shine of your natural tooth.  Porcelain veneers are often the preferred method for fixing larger chips in front teeth.  Pearl Dental Group offers same-day appointments to fix chipped teeth for patients in Baton Rouge, LA.  If you are in pain or in need of emergency chipped tooth repair.  Call us at (225) 277-3311 to make an appointment at one of our 2 convenient locations.

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot in an empty tooth socket doesn’t form or gets dislodged after a tooth extraction. The exposed underlying nerves and bone cause severe pain. While this painful complication only occurs in an estimated 0.5–5.6% of simple extractions, dry socket can impact up to 30% of cases following surgical removal of wisdom teeth. To prevent infection and resolve intense oral pain, call our practice immediately. Urgent dental care in Baton Rouge, LA involves cleaning the empty socket and packing the space with medicated gauze. This process may need to be repeated until a new blood clot forms and pain subsides.

Emergency Dental Care

At Pearl Dental Group, we provide emergency dental care to patients in the Greater Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.   We provide most emergency dental services from root canals and extractions to reimplanting and stabalizing traumatized teeth.  If you or a loved one has a dental emergency in Baton Rouge, LA call or text us at (225) 277-3311 and we will see you right away for FREE.  

Why we provide emergency dental care

We provide emergency dental care to ensure that patients can get the help they need right away. If you leave a damaged or infected tooth alone, you will risk the infection spreading.

Why should I visit you for emergency dental care instead of going to the ER?

While the physicians at the emergency room are skilled at treating health emergencies, they are not familiar with dental care. They can triage any problem that you have by helping to stop the bleeding, but they will not be able to restore a damaged tooth. Likewise, if you visit an emergency room due to dental pain, they can provide you with pain relief but cannot find out what is causing the pain and work to solve it. This is why you need to visit the dentist instead. Remember that even if you go to the emergency room, you will still likely need to visit the dentist anyway. Visit us for emergency dental care instead to save yourself the extra pain, time and money.

What types of procedures does an emergency dentist perform?

At Pearl Dental Group, our team provides the same type of services that you can receive during a traditional dental visit. The two most common issues that we address during emergency dental visits are:

It is actually fairly common for teeth to sustain damage in an accident. The damage can be due to a standard car accident, workplace injury, sports accident or other situation. While most adults do not think about cracking a tooth while playing a pickup game of basketball – it happens. These casual everyday events can lead to sudden tooth damage and if they do, you need to be sure to repair the damage as soon as possible. While providing emergency dental care, we can fix a cracked tooth, chipped tooth or even a tooth that is knocked out.

If you need an immediate dental restoration in the Baton Rouge area, visit our office. For fast results we can use dental bonding. This is a resin, tooth-colored material that can be placed on top of your tooth, shaped, and hardened using a special dental light. It can be completed in one sitting so that you can walk in with a chipped tooth and leave with a fully restored one. Other solutions like dental veneers and dental crowns are also available to correct damage but typically require two visits to do so.

We can also provide emergency dental care if your tooth has been knocked out due to an accident or has fallen out after becoming loose. If you can find the tooth, rinse it and put it in a cup of milk, then come to our Baton Rouge, LA dental office right away. There is a possibility that the tooth can be put back in your mouth. Otherwise, we can discuss replacement options that include dentures, a dental bridge, or a dental implant. All of these are possibilities that can appear completely natural so to learn more about them, call us today.

With emergency dental care, we see a lot of Louisiana patients that are suffering from a major toothache. This is a top reason that people seek out care right away instead of waiting for Monday or for the dentist to open in the morning. When a toothache strikes it can be debilitating and we can provide relief. The good news is that it does not have to be. At Pearl Dental Group At Jones Creek, we have found that most toothaches do not happen without warning. Typically, there are signs that can include discomfort when biting down, sensitivity to heat or cold, irritation when brushing or flossing, etc. If you sense any of these things, we encourage you to call us and schedule an appointment for a dental exam. We can examine your teeth, look for any signs of infection or decay and treat the problem before you go from moderate discomfort to a raging toothache. Our friendly team can work with you to schedule an appointment that fits within your schedule so that you have no reason to delay in seeking treatment. However, if you do not come in right away and do develop a bad toothache, we want to see you.

One of the common reasons for a bad toothache is severe decay or an infection. To resolve this issue, we may need to perform a root canal. We can do this while providing you with emergency dental care. Since the discomfort is caused by the infection, removing it will help you to feel better right away. First, we will numb the area and provide you with anesthesia and then create a small hole in your tooth so that the infected portion of it can be removed. Once done, the area will be cleaned before it is sealed. We will do everything available to safely ensure that the procedure is comfortable. After we finish the procedure, you will begin to feel significantly better than when you first came in. Sometimes it is also necessary to restore the tooth with a dental filling or crown. If this is the case we can either complete that portion of the procedure immediately or schedule a second appointment to do so.

Dr. Andre Bruni

Emergency Dentist Baton Rouge, LA

An emergency dentist can provide urgent professional dental care for issues such as infection, damaged teeth, knocked out teeth and more. Emergency dental care is a standard service offered at Pearl Dental Group.

No matter how much someone attempts to prepare ahead of time, accidents happen. Dental accidents and emergencies are no exception. Dental emergencies can include infections, tooth decay, damaged teeth, trauma to the mouth and more. By visiting an emergency dentist, you are seeking the immediate care your teeth need.

Prolonging the time between injuring one’s teeth and seeing an emergency dentist will only increase the chance of the issue causing, irreversible damage. By seeking treatment with us, we will provide the treatment needed to help prevent further damage or tooth loss. Our goal is to save as many natural teeth as possible while preserving the patient’s oral health.

If you need an emergency dentist in Baton Rouge, LA , do not hesitate to contact us at (225) 277-3311 as soon as possible for professional dental treatment.

Reasons for Needing an Emergency Dental Visit

The American Dental Association reported that the number one cause of adult tooth damage every year is playing sports. This spans all types of athletics and creates the need for emergency appointments throughout Baton Rouge LA. Even a backyard game of basketball can lead to someone damaging a tooth or someone knocking a player’s tooth out. The same holds true for kids playing sports as well. While there are ways to protect yourself like wearing a mouth guard, a dental emergency is still possible. When an emergency strikes, call us.

Car accidents are another leading cause of tooth injury. While the enamel on your teeth is strong, it may not be strong enough to prevent your tooth from breaking when colliding with the steering wheel. With millions of accidents a year, teeth are a common victim. We recommend that patients of Pearl Dental Group get examined at a local emergency room after being in a car accident; just to make sure that they have not sustained any physical injuries. Afterward, call us for a dentist appointment. The emergency room does not treat tooth damage, so you will need to see both types of medical providers.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Emergency Dentist

Severe and sudden toothaches are another reason people in Louisiana end up needing an emergency dentist. We can examine teeth and determine what is causing the pain. It may be a little cavity that grew into a big one and now requires a root canal. Another possibility is gum disease, which can cause the gums to recede, exposing the tooth and roots. Both can lead to intense pain and require emergency treatment. We do not want patients of Pearl Dental Group to experience oral pain and will do our best to treat you right away so that you can remain comfortable.

If a tooth infection is left untreated for a long period of time, it can lead to a dental abscess. This is extremely painful. An abscess is a major tooth infection that can settle into your jawbone and the floor of your mouth. If it does, oral surgery may be necessary in order to remove the infection. We can let you know if we see an abscess during your dental exam with one of our Pearl Dental Group dentists.

How can I relieve dental pain while waiting for an emergency dental appointment?

We can help patients to stay comfortable and live a life that is pain-free. If you visit Pearl Dental Group experiencing pain, we will identify what is creating the issue and the treatment options available for dealing with it. Often, we will also prescribe medication to help with the pain. This can prevent you from feeling discomfort while your tooth is being treated and at home. You may also want to apply a cold compress or ice pack to the area in order to reduce or prevent swelling.

Treatment Options

If your tooth has been knocked out, try to find it. Once located, rinse the tooth under warm water without scrubbing it. Next, place it in a cup of milk and bring it with you to your dental appointment. We will try to save the tooth, if possible. If not, we will discuss options for replacing the tooth. This may include dentures, a dental bridge or dental implants.

It is common for people to damage a tooth while playing sports or getting into a car accident. It is likely that the tooth will become cracked or chipped. As long as the tooth structure remains in place, we can typically correct it with various dental treatment options. There are multiple ways that we can restore a patient’s teeth. Some of which include dental veneers and a dental crown. Both are excellent options and can restore your tooth to full functionality while keeping it natural looking. As an emergency dental facility, we can provide you with information on what your options are and the best way to restore your tooth while achieving the goals that you have for your smile.

As an emergency dentist, we will assess the situation and inform you of where the infection is and the best way to quickly treat it. Our job is to keep you comfortable, healthy and pain-free. Patients trust us to remove infections and keep their teeth and gums in excellent oral health. Whether fixing a general cavity or treating a dental abscess, we make it possible for a tooth to be free from infection and pain. We can resolve the issue in a way that keeps patients comfortable during any necessary procedures.

As a Baton Rouge, LA emergency dentist, we will assess the situation and inform you of where the infection is and the best way to quickly treat it. Our job is to keep you comfortable, healthy and pain-free. Patients trust us to remove infections and keep their teeth and gums in excellent oral health. Whether fixing a general cavity or treating a dental abscess, we make it possible for a tooth to be free from infection and pain. We can resolve the issue in a way that keeps patients comfortable during any necessary procedures.

Emergency Dentist FAQ

Find the tooth and rinse it gently in cool water. (Do not scrub or clean it with soap — use only water!) If possible, replace the tooth in the socket immediately and hold it there with clean gauze or a wash cloth. If you can’t put the tooth back in the socket, place the tooth in a clean container with cold milk, saliva or water. Get to the Emergency Dentist immediately. The faster you act, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

Contact your emergency dental office as soon as possible. The baby tooth should not be replanted because of the potential for subsequent damage to the developing permanent tooth.

Contact your Dentist immediately. Quick action can save the tooth, prevent infection and reduce the need for extensive dental treatment. Rinse the mouth with water and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling if the lip also was injured. If you can find the broken tooth fragment, place it in cold milk or water and bring it with you to the dental office.

You need immediate medical attention. Keep in mind that an emergency medical team might be able to reach you faster than you can get to the hospital. A severe head injury can be life-threatening.

Call our office immediately. Over-the-counter children’s pain medication, dosed according to your child’s weight and age, might ease the symptoms. You may apply a cold compress or ice wrapped in a cloth to the face in the area of the pain, but do not put heat or aspirin on the sore area.

Invisalign® Dentist

We’ll accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the problem, relieve your discomfort and always try to save your tooth and fully restore its function.

Gentle and Affordable Emergency Dental Care

If you experience a dental emergency in Baton Rouge, LA, we offer same- or next-day appointments. We’ll accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the problem, relieve your discomfort and always try to save your tooth and fully restore its function. We offer several types of sedation to alleviate dental anxiety and ensure your ultimate comfort. We accept insurance and offer third-party financing to help you pay for unexpected emergencies, because you shouldn’t have to worry about affording unplanned dental care.

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Dental Emergency or Medical Emergency?

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience neck or head pain, are bleeding uncontrollably, feel dizzy or suffered severe trauma, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention by calling 911 or getting transported to the nearest medical facility. Medical personnel are best equipped to assist you with these serious symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental emergencies include severe toothaches, knocked-out or fractured teeth, sudden swelling, bleeding, or any issue causing extreme pain or discomfort.
Seek emergency dental care if you experience severe pain, trauma to the mouth, a knocked-out tooth, uncontrolled bleeding, or any other urgent dental issue.
Dental practices that offer emergency services are equipped to handle a range of urgent dental issues, providing prompt and efficient care.
Emergency dental practices often provide contact information for after-hours emergencies. This information may include a dedicated emergency hotline or an on-call dentist.
If you have a knocked-out tooth, try to gently place it back into the socket if possible. If not, keep it moist in milk or saliva and seek emergency dental care immediately.
Over-the-counter pain relievers, cold compresses, and avoiding hot or cold foods can help manage tooth pain temporarily. However, it's crucial to seek professional care as soon as possible.
Some emergency dental practices may accept walk-ins, but it's advisable to call ahead to ensure prompt attention and to provide the necessary information.
Emergency dentists can address a range of urgent issues, including infections, abscesses, broken dental work, and more.
Dental abscesses require immediate attention. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater and contact an emergency dentist promptly.
Coverage for emergency dental services varies by insurance plans. It's recommended to check with your insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage for emergency care.
Emergency dentists may provide pain relief and, if necessary, prescribe medication to manage pain or infection until further treatment can be scheduled.

While minor issues may not require immediate attention, it’s essential to schedule an appointment promptly to prevent them from escalating into more significant problems.

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